Why INVESTING in the Empower Network Blog Is Worth It! 
So maybe you've heard of the Empower Network Blog and maybe you haven't, but either way I want to tell you why you investing in it could change your life. First thing first, I would like to repeat the word INVEST. The reason why I'm repeating this is because usually when people hear of a blogging platform that can potentially make you thousands of dollars a month, their mind immediately thinks of SCAM!. Now this is a perfectly safe thing to think, since there are a lot of them on the internet, but sometimes constantly thinking SCAM! can be someone's downfall. The very first lesson that those looking to make money online need to realize is that an investment and a scam are two entirely different things. Now, I won't get into all the knitty gritty stuff that explains the difference between the two, but I will say that the Empower Network Blog is one of the greatest investments you can make when looking to make a living online, and it is defiantly not a scam! 
So Whats the Empower Network Blog you ask? 
Well the Empower Network  was founded by David Wood and David Sharpe and was launched on Halloween, October 31st 2011. Within the first 72 hours of it's launch the Empower Network paid out about $250,000 to its affiliates. Now If you're wondering how this is possible then keep reading! 
The Empower Network Blog is a system where for $25 you are given a blog which is already optimized into Google. Since your blog is already SEO optimized into Google, the only thing you need to do is blog. The beauty of it is that you can blog about anything you want. But where does the money come in, you ask? 
Well, the Empower Network not only gives you the opportunity to have a blog that is already set up for you... This means no HTML coding, setting up themes, widgets..etc, plus they also have social media already implemented, plus an RSS feed... but they also give you the opportunity to become an affiliate for their company. This means that they give you the chance to receive %100 commissions by selling the different levels of the Empower Network Blog... This is possible by implementing the three step formula they advertise which is... 
1. Blog Daily 
2. Tell others 
3. Make Money 
It sounds easy doesn't it? Well it is, but since I pride myself on telling the truth, I'll now discuss other steps that unfortunately many people aren't aware of.I want to make my readers aware of this because I believe this is the part where many people get scared and decide to opt out. As someone who is looking to make money online and make that possible for others also,I wouldn't t want someone to walk away because the Empower Network Blog is truly an awesome program and can HONESTLY change your life. So don't think that this is another way some internet scammer is trying to make money because that's the farthest thing from the truth. 
Empower Network Blog Affiliate Program 
So while it does only cost you $25 to get the blogging system and the training, in order for you to become an affiliate you must also pay an additional fee of $19.95. Now don't get scared because this is amount of money is nothing compared to the amount you'll have coming in. So if you're wondering where the $19.95 goes, I'll tell you that it goes to e-wallet. By signing up for e-wallet, this service will make sure that you receive %100 COMMISSIONS. So basically this service is like Paypal, and in actuality it saves you a lot of time and energy because you no longer have to do things, such as process orders or refunds, or any other financial related problems. 
Also, e-wallet is considered a merchant account and usually they are EXTREMELY expensive, so keep in mind that you wouldn't be receiving commission's at all if it weren't for e-wallet and also $19.95 is a discounted price and affordable compared to other merchant accounts. 
The second thing you need to know about is that in order to start receiving thousands of dollars a month into your e-wallet account, you need to have a product to sell. With Affiliate Marketing you simply sell someone else's product and receive a commission. Now this process sounds pretty easy and Affiliate Marketing is one the fastest ways to make money online, but the problem many people have is finding a product to sell, and then finding a way to sell it. This is once again where the beauty of the Empower Network Blog comes into play. With EN you're not only given a product, but you're also given a way to sell it. Remember those three steps... 
1. Blog Daily 
2. Tell Others 
3. Make Money 
When you blog daily with articles that are keyword rich, your content will then get ranked into Google... You'll then have visitors to your page which equals traffic... and traffic equals SALES! Now the Empower Network only allows you to receive %100 commissions ONLY if you own the product. Currently the Empower Network owns 5 products which when sold you earn 100% commissions. These products are... 
So lets say you own the level one and level two products which are the Empower Network Blog and Inner Circle Training. If you sign someone up for the $25 level then you automatically get the $25. The same goes for any of the other levels. But here is where Empower Network gets even better. As an affiliate you will pass up every 2nd,4th, and 6th sale. Now before you ask yourself "how is this good news" let me explain. Let's say you sign up 10 people to the $25 dollar level. You would earn $25 a month from your 1st,3rd,5th and 7-10 sales. Meaning you would get $175 a month. Now don't be too bummed out that you missed out on $75 bucks, because GUESS WHAT you'll be the one receiving the 2nd,4th, and 6th sale on ALL seven people that you're already receiving $25 a month with! This basically means that you'll be receiving an extra $575 a month from people who you signed up. Amazing isn't it! Now just imagine if you were selling the inner circle membership or the 15k formula! You could potentially make $878 residual a month or even $1625! 
And this people is why The Empower Network Blog is worth it! 

With this system you can be on your way to making thousands of dollars a month, so what are you waiting for. Now to receive the best bang for your buck, I recommend going in at the Inner Circle Level since your commissions will be MUCH higher. I also recommend it because when you sign up other people, and they choose to join the inner circle, you could potentially miss out on a $125 sale. So instead of selling to 50 people for a profit of $1000 bucks you would only need to sell to 14. Easy Right? Because REMEMBER you can only receive commissions on products you own. Don't worry though, if you're not up to it then the $25 level is just fine for now and you could also reinvest your money into the other levels at a later time. But if you're STILL skeptical than I have to say that the only scam there is, is YOU scamming YOURSELF. So stop waiting around, and take the first step of accomplishing something you only ever dreamed of. 
- To all your success 




Affiliate Marketing Professional - Freebie Scrub Agent Test Your Profile 
The world of affiliate marketing and e-commerce has given life to a whole new existence online: - the freebie scrub agent, the internet marketing arena has been overtaken by this hybrid breed of a mercenary like horde of shrieking banshee type hyenas. 
 A Simple yet Accurate Definition 
To carefully describe this ephemeral phenomenon one would identify these beastly existences: 
"Fitted with the dangerously rabid claws of raising doubts, and mistrust and propaganda of product and services   they were denied favor of being obtained for free". 
"Green eyed with jealous rage of those affiliates among us that are making a decent return on consistent value promotion of products useful to the going concern of the online community" 
"A hard wrinkled outer skin of resentment towards adapting to the dynamic environment of internet marketing." 
These beastly free agents will stick to the old ways of doing things i.e. still trying to promote products on free for all (f.f.a) website, posting to safe lists hoping sell one thousand items a day using free promotion over saturated techniques". 
 The Freebie Agent Scrub Assessment Guidelines 
The subsequent notes provided below will give a fairer picture of whether or not you just happen to fall in the category of a Freebie Scrub Agent. Compare the following information to identify with any of the qualities mentioned forthwith: 
1. You possess little or no networking skill, hardly ever get to know what your customers are interested in buying but always in tell and sell mode at every encounter on the internet. 
2. Join every single affiliate program on the planet, has over 100 Click Bank affiliate links but has hardly ever spent in excess of $100.00 per year promoting the products you choose to represent. You hardly find it possible to benefit in any real way from the confusion of deciding  which program to make money from. 
3. Join online forums, mailing lists, blogs bulletin, online groups  with the sole intention of selling thousands and thousands of affiliate products to your fellow members. You have nothing much to contribute than posting your affiliate links. 
4. You have no clue in providing any useful information about any service or product you represent. Relies heavily on hearsay in chat rooms and forums, too lazy to seek out relevant information for yourself.,br> 
5. Buy a product only to complain and receive a refund under guarantee with the aim of keeping the product to yourself. 
6. Take a free ride on a membership site for three months then when asked to give up the free ticket and go premium you ran off screaming "scam alert,scam alert" simply because your freeloading rights have been revoked. 
7. When asked to provide referrals since you are not interested in buying you accuse the website owners of pyramid schemes accusing program owners of wanting to get rich before you do. 
8. Cannot tell the difference between product benefits and product features. You don't know don't care you only want to sell and collect that commission. 
10. Lack the ability to plan whether short, medium or long term. Too impatient to help fresh programs with potential grow due to your make money now attitude. 
11. You intend to make lots of cash the very minute you start with an affiliate program, spends no money to make such program more feasible but will drop it like a hot potato after waiting an eternity for 72 hours if you realize you made no money for doing nothing. 
12. You claim to be risk averse afraid to invest in a good marketing and advertising service to even promote established products which are deemed to be in their cash rich cycle. 
A Closer Defintion of the Freebie Scrub Agent 
Simple put the free scrub agent has no entrepreneurial acumen whatsoever. These unsavory humanoid elements have taken solid shape and form on every internet marketing corner, avenue and highway with the everything for free mentality. 
Some among us believe the free seeker scrub agent is a deadly virus attacking the inner structure of business and commerce pervading a culture of the "have it for free or else" philosophy right across the length and breadth of cyberland. 


it's time to release the beast
love beads in which the Empower Network
invested three million dollars in one
year to develop
offers a multitude of features not yet
seen among the current generation a blog
power never new system allows users to
maintain multiple blogs
among multiple domains from one account
and one login
in this past June easier to use
and better design than the original
version as well as other blogging
one of the highlights a blog these is
this mobile app
which takes the computer and smartphone
walking systems in new ways
blog peaceful through we bring the same
experiences enjoy on the web
to the moguls were press blogger
tumbler another popular blog platform to
offer some of the key features and
musical fine with log beast
lobby simplifies the audio video
blogging experience by allowing the user
to record video for audio
with the aid of a mobile app with to
simple quits
anyone can post the podcast a video
online from a smartphone or computer
making the blog these essentially
grandma free
sharing is also easier because blog
beast allows users to reblog post
other body sites giving the region of
the credit
for posting the content within their own
blogs a new proprietary company feature
allows readers to share blogs in the
blog comments
on social media platforms with links
back to original blog post
users can also withhold premium content
with a paywall which restricts
access to such content offers a call to
action for viewers to upgrade your
account to review it
other features available for blog these
our training I'm blogging
marketing and leadership as well as a
customer relationship management system
that allows a user to access his or her
back office
you sales in transactions as well as
sent you email blast to customer groups
so what are you waiting for this time to
release the beast
for you joined getting on what these
right now

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